Meet our Board of Directors

Since our inception as a small, local nonprofit organization, Children in Placement has relied on the leadership and oversight of our dedicated Board of Directors. Our Board Members help us accomplish our goals and are instrumental in increasing our support base. Children in Placement’s Board 

Members include:

Marie Lopez Kirkley-Bey,  President                                                                            Advisory Board:

Shanay Fulton, Vice President                                                                                     Juan Candelaria

Stephen Rudof, Treasurer                                                                                             Robert Killian, Jr., Esq.

John Foley, Esq, Secretary                                                                                            Jack Keyes, Esq.

Rebecca Vermette, Esq.                                                                                                 

Salilhah Denman, Esq. 

Colleen Rankine, Member

Kaitlin Sichau, Member

Lynne M. Miner, Esq., Member

Deanna Krzykowski, Member

Delmaryz Serrano-MacDonald, Member